Al’dair, an science fiction adventure ebook

Al’dair is an obscure planet rich in resources. Centuries ago, it had been colonized, then lost to the rest of the galaxy. After its rediscovery, it was learned that the colonists had taken the planet from its indigenous race, the Tz-en. With the rest of the galaxy outraged, the Tz-en were aided in a revolt to take back their planet. Tony Michaels had been one of the mercenaries hired to train and lead the Tz-en in winning back Al’dair. In that war of independence, he had lost his best friend and vowed never to return. Now, more than ten years later, he is hired to go back to Al’dair to hunt down terrorists who are attacking the new political and economic structure of the planet. Because of its natural resources, Al’dair has become important to the rest of the galaxy. Because of its temperate climate and natural beauty, it has become a favored place of tourists. All endangered by the terrorists. But Michaels can’t escape the past, especially when he comes face to face with its ghosts. And not everything is as it appears when he falls into a web of lies, deception, and betrayal.

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